Monday, April 14, 2008

To Do

Here's our to-do list:
1. Fix exhaust leaks
2. replace control arm bushings (have)
3. Replace rotors/pads (have)
4. Replace brake servo (have)
5. Install power steering pump belt
6. Replace strut inserts
7. Replace springs (in transit)
8. Remove interior
9. Install racing seat
10. Install roll cage
11. New wheels/tires
12. Cucaracha horn (have)
13. Decorations

1 comment:

ntomfree said...

Thanks for the link - I linked to your site on the DoriftoDogs blog also. I absolutely love the la cucharacha (sp?) horn. That rules. Best of luck getting accepted to the event. I hope to see you at CMP in July!

Tom F (DoriftoDogs Captain)

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