Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks Absolute Automotive!

Having owned a few German cars (VW, BMW) I've grown to appreciate the benefits of having a trustworthy shop that specializes in my car's make. In the past I've relied on Absolute Automotive to routine maintenance - so I guess I had a bit of an in when I asked (begged?) for their help with a little problem that we were having with our Quattro. You see, the previous owner left us with a trunk full of parts including new control arm bushings for all four corners. Well it was easy enough to pop out the old ones which were completely rotted out! Then we tried to install the new one but couldn't - it turns out that we would need a press.

I visited Evan at Absolute Auto and asked if he could help a brother (comrade?) out. I offered him a rare Team Quattro Libre t-shirt. And he did it! Thanks Evan! For that you are now officially a sponsor! (That's a good thing.)

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